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The new order in the world of marketing

Our Manifesto

We’ve created HI on Demand because as owners and managers of an advertising agency with over 20 years of experience, we came to the conclusion that the marketing world is not working as it should.
We want to break up with outdated rules and divisions.
Time for a new era, where best specialists
work WITH the client, not FOR the client.
We are building a bridge between the needs of clients and experts and supporting them in their long-term growth.

From the Clients perspective

We do understand that the ultimate goal of any business tends to be making a profit, so we foster your growth in the best possible way - by helping you hire the best possible people.

From the Experts perspective

Our goal is to connect you with great brands, offering a cooperation model that is based on trust, partnership and transparency.  So you can focus on what you love, having professional support.

HI’s Top 6 - How we deliver the best from the best



Regardless of whether you are a client or an expert, you are equally valuable to us.

People matter

We concentrate on your needs, not on our sale bars. Your win is our win.

Guaranteed standards

There are no better or worse specialists in HI. Everyone who works with us meets the same highest professional and ethical standards.


In HI everyone works the way they want. We are not here to force you to use any certain tools or platforms, but to deliver the best results.


We do our best to create a hassle-free working environment. We are here to make your life easier, not to add unnecessary tasks.

We are here to change the world

We want to bring a new quality to the world of marketing and we will do everything to make it happen.

We are on the mission to foster a collaborative environment where talents and clients can succeed together

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Say hi to your next success

We are not the next platform with thousands of unvetted freelancers.
We are not the agency that is hiding operational costs in your fee.
We are not the devil’s advocates.

We are Human Intelligence. The best partners for CEO’s and Managers, who want to truly benefit from innovations and creativity. We are a global network with top specialists who are never satisfied with being just good enough.
With us you will always work with reliable and experienced partners.
With us you will always find the best way to succeed.

Whenever you are looking for great people to scale your business, Human Intelligence is your address.

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No more secrets.
No more hidden costs.
No more guessing.

We believe that HI on Demand is the most transparent model of cooperation that ever existed. We work closely with our partners and look beyond just the entrusted tasks. Whether you're a client or expert, with us, you get complete access to all activities and reports.


Nothing is given forever.

We are aware that in order to respond to market challenges, we must be able to quickly change course and adapt to what’s new.  Being a pioneer in the marketing industry means having the flexibility to pivot whenever necessary. This also applies to cooperation with our clients and talents.

Label with the word cool written on it


Driven by our passion for innovation, we constantly challenge the status quo.

We're convinced that curiosity is the heart of true growth, sparking creativity and innovative solutions.Our quest is to shape a better marketing realm; that's why we dare to question, disrupt, and reinvent.


We make every effort to make working with us an exciting and hassle-free experience.

Because is there anything more enjoyable than helping other companies grow and accomplish their own missions? :)

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