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Human Intelligence is your go-to platform for hiring on-demand marketing talent.

We are here to save you time and match you with the best Senior Experts on the planet. From strategy, design, automation, to paid advertising, content, AI, and more!

We’ve got all your digital marketing needs covered.

Explore Human Intelligence Platform: Your All-in-One marketing solution!

Swiftly Match with Top Experts
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Why HI?

All-in One Platform

Submit needs, review, and pay using our innovative platform.

Move Fast

Submit your brief and get your Perfect-Match in 48 hours.

Stay Flexible

No long-term contracts. Plug-and-play your team as needed.

Pre-Vetted Experts

Connect with specialists with 5+ years of experience and cultural fit.

Hourly Billing

Pay only for completed work with our convenient Time & Material model.

Personal Project Manager

Get constant support from your personal PM.

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How it works?


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Meet your Perfect Match and Project Manager who will be by your side every step of the way.


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Let the Top-Tier Marketers work for your brand's success!

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Fill out an application form, attach your portfolio and resume.

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Meet our awesome team and tell more about your prior projects and experience.

Let's get to work

We monitor each application and invite the very best talents  into our network. But once you are here, get ready for exciting new work opportunities.

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