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We are Human Intelligence - network of senior marketing professionals available on-demand.

Work smart. Pay by the hour. Get top results.




HI on Demand is the smartest possible way of a marketing cooperation.
Avoid sales pitches, working with juniors and registering on the next platform.
Work only with Senior Professionals who have all the skills to complete your tasks at the highest level.

We get things done and charge only for the work that is completed.
We free you from paperwork and the tedious recruitment process.

Let's succeed 


For Brands

Build great marketing teams
within hours, not months

Simplify and Speed up your Hiring Process

Get connected with marketing A Players in less than 48 hours

Focus on making profits and work with TOP 1% marketing talents

For Talents

Apply today and don’t worry about finding high-quality projects

Let our professionals link you with clients that just match ;)

Work in an environment of transparency and openness

Join the community of the top 1% marketers like you

This is how we help our clients go 

from good to great

Build your marketing dream team on demand

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No miracles - just pure efficiency

20 years
of constant experience in marketing and technology
A hourglass in flames
48 hours
average time to match you with the perfect marketer
93% accuracy
in matching our partners
completed marketing projects for various industries

Build great marketing teams within hours, not months

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Apply now & don’t worry about finding high-quality projects

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