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Leverage Bing Ads/Microsoft Advertising to tap into new customer segments, enhance your search engine visibility, and drive meaningful traffic to your site or landing page.

Utilizing advanced targeting, keyword optimization, and compelling ad creation, our specialists tailor your advertising campaigns for maximum impact!

Our Microsoft Advertising Services include:

Microsoft Advertising Strategy

Developing holistic strategies that harness the full potential of Microsoft's ad network, optimizing your presence across Bing and partner sites.

Microsoft Ads from A-Z

Running, optimizing Microsoft Ads on a daily basis. Expanded Text Ads, Google Ads Import, Performance Max, Product Ads, Responsive Search Ads, Smart Shopping Campaigns and more!

Microsoft Ad Account Setup

Professional setup of your Microsoft Bing Ads Account and Analytics.

Keyword Optimization

Elevating your campaign's reach and relevance with strategic keyword selection, focusing on terms that maximize your visibility on search engines.

Targeted Ad Placement

Utilizing Bing's/ Microsoft Advertising's targeting capabilities to precisely reach your desired audience, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

Performance Analysis

Leveraging analytics tools within your Microsoft Ads Account to monitor campaign performance, making data-driven decisions to continually refine your approach.

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How much does it cost to hire a Bing Ads Manager?

Choosing Human Intelligence for Bing Ads Management offers unparalleled value. Traditional recruitment can be costly and time-consuming, but our platform connects you with elite Bing Ads talent starting at £65 per hour, ensuring cost efficiency and superior results.

Experience the benefits of working with vetted professionals who bring a wealth of experience in online advertising and Microsoft ads campaigns.

Affordable rates, starting from £65/hour

Immediate visibility in the Bing search engine

24/7 Consultant Support

Full implementation and account setup

Meet Our Vetted Bing Ads Experts


A master of Bing Ads /Microsoft advertising, Michał specializes in creating dynamic online advertising campaigns that drive traffic and conversions. His expertise covers a range of industries, from e-commerce, tech and lifestyle brands.Proficient in setting up Microsoft Account and driving any possible ads campaign in this ecosystem. His expertise in ad groups, bid strategies, and conversion tracking ensures campaigns are optimized for success.


Master in PPC advertising, renowned for his strategic insights in PPC - both Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) and Google Ads. His approach integrates keyword research, ad creation, and meticulous campaign management within the Bing Ads editor and Microsoft Ads Manager. Expert in Bing Ads Campaign aimed at lead generation. This month's success? Advertising campaign promoting the new retail app, exceeding the KPI by 145%.


If you are new to Microsoft's advertising platform, Anna is the perfect choice. She will set up your first Microsoft ads manager account. Conducted ad campaigns for industries like: lifestyle, beauty, parenting and fashion. Choosing Anna is making sure that your Microsoft Advertising Account is in the good hands.

... and many others!

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