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Discover Our All-Encompassing Marketing Automation Consulting Services:

Marketing Automation Strategy and Implementation

Custom-designed marketing automation solutions and selecting the optimal tools tailored to your business needs.

CRM Implementation

Optimize your CRM system to improve customer interactions and streamline sales processes.

Email Campaign Automation 

Automated campaigns that deliver personalized messages to your audience at the right time. Create targeted email strategies and drive conversions.

Hubspot Platform Integration 

Leverage the full power of hubspot tools to unify your marketing, sales, and service efforts - inbound marketing, lead generation, and customer service excellence.

Lead Management Automation 

Make sure that no lead is left behind. Capture to conversion, nurture leads more effectively, improve your sales pipeline's efficiency.

Sales Funnel Management 

Optimize your sales funnel with targeted management strategies that guide potential customers from awareness to decision.

Lead Tracking and Analytics 

Gain actionable insights into your leads with advanced tracking and analytics. Understand lead behavior, preferences, and engagement, and boost your marketing ROI.

Behavioral Targeting and Segmentation 

Deliver personalized marketing messages based on user behavior and preferences. Send more relevant, engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Social Media Marketing Automation 

Amplify your social media presence with automated posting, engagement, and analytics. 

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How much does it cost to hire a Marketing Automation Specialist?

If you're seeking to optimize your marketing processes with precision and efficiency, hiring a freelance Marketing Automation Specialist could be the ideal solution. At HI, our thoroughly vetted specialists offer personalized guidance and on-demand availability, without the overhead of agency retainers. 

Rates for our Marketing Automation Specialists start from £60, ensuring cost-effective expertise tailored to your needs. 

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One of our clients’ fav Hubspot Consultant. With his extensive experience, Jacob is a seasoned Marketing Automation Specialist adept at optimizing marketing efforts through Hubspot CRM and lead generation strategies. His proven track record spans various industries, ensuring revenue growth and business goals attainment. One of these marketing experts who always puts your business goals first. Specializes in inbound marketing, demand generation and customer relationship management.


Digital Marketing Specialist who excels in leveraging Hubspot and email marketing tools for small business. Her expertise spans marketing operations, business growth, and sales hub optimization, with a focus on audience segmentation and maximizing ROI. Alex is particularly adept in the fashion, beauty, and tech startup sectors, making her an invaluable and experienced Hubspot freelancer.


360 Marketing Expert certified in Google Analytics & Google Adwords.
Ben brings over 7 years of expertise in driving optimized paid campaigns.His experience covers such topics like: content marketing, hubspot tools, google ads, landing pages, demand generation and analytics.

... and many others!

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