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Our UI/UX Design services include:

UX Workshops and Research

Conducting in-depth workshops to deeply understand user behaviors, needs, and motivations (user research, user personas development, customer journey map, usability testing, workshop facilitation, accessibility analysis and more).

Prototype and Wireframe Design

UX Prototyping, Building flows, wireframes, user interface to visualize and test designs before full-scale development, using Figma, Adobe XD, Framer, Sketch and many other tools.

Mobile Apps and Web App

Creating user-friendly web and mobile apps designs for a consistent and intuitive user experience on all devices.

Usability Testing

Conducting thorough testing to refine user interfaces for optimal usability and effectiveness.

Information Architecture

Structuring content and navigation to make information easily accessible and user-friendly.

User Interface Design

Developing visually appealing and functional UI designs that enhance user interaction and engagement.

UX Analysis

Conducting in-depth analysis of user interactions and behaviors to inform and improve design decisions.

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How much does it cost to hire a UX Designer in the UK?

The cost of UX Designer isn't one-size-fits-all; it varies depending on several factors. To accurately estimate UX design costs for a specific project, it's essential to outline the user flows, features complexity, specific UX and UI requirements, and determine the time needed to design each aspect.However, there's a distinct advantage in choosing independent UX Designer Experts over traditional agencies.

Traditional Marketing Agency

Inflated monthly retainers
Up to
per day

Human Intelligence on Demand

Flexible hourly billing
per hour / senior expert

Opting for an agency often means you'll be paying a flat fee for your project. This pricing approach usually involves estimating future tasks, but these estimates can often be off the mark. Typically, a flat fee leads to overpayment as agencies generally work with daily rates or set prices for tasks like landing page prototype or product card UX design. Moreover, flat fees might not guarantee the highest quality of work, as agencies, in an effort to adhere to the initial quote, may compromise on quality when accommodating any changes to avoid financial loss on the project.

When collaborating with Senior Freelance UX Designers under the HI model, you can rest assured that quality is our top priority.
Only the Top UX Designers are selected to join our network, ensuring that you're working with highly skilled professionals perfectly suited for your project. We bill on an hourly basis using a transparent time-and-materials model, offering you convenience and clarity in pricing. No hidden costs, no inflated budgets, pay only for what we’ve done.

Meet 3 Best UX Designers For Hire


Visual Designer and UX Designer with over 8 years of experience in crafting user-centric digital experiences. Specialized in enhancing usability and accessibility for B2B platforms. Worked for health, financial and e-commerce clients around the EU.


UX Designer with extensive experience in Silicon Valley. Pawel specializes in UX design for tech giants, startups, and fintech companies. His expertise brings cutting-edge user experience solutions to the forefront of technology innovation.


UI/UX Designer who excels in interface design mostly for software development and entertainment industries. Clients love working with him for his broad perspective, always keeping business goals in mind.

... and many others!

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