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Explore Our Comprehensive Google Analytics Consulting Services:

Google Analytics Setup and Configuration

Expert implementation of your Google Analytics Account and customization to align with your business goals.

Web Analytics Service

In-depth analysis to understand user behavior and website performance.

Google Tag Manager Integration

Streamlined management of your tags in Google Tag Manager for efficient event tracking and insights.

Google Analytics Audit

Comprehensive reviews to pinpoint opportunities for optimization.

Data Insights and Reporting

Transforming Google Analytics Data into actionable insights with custom dashboards and reports.

Conversion Tracking

Precise measurement of your marketing campaigns' effectiveness to maximize ROI.

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How much does it cost to hire a Google Analytics Consultant in the UK?

If you're looking to analyze, forecast, and improve your results with speed and accuracy, consider choosing a freelance, yet thoroughly vetted, Google Analytics Expert. Unlike agencies, these experts offer a more personalized service, acting as your dedicated guides and being available on-demand, without the burden of inflated monthly retainers.

And this is exactly what we do at HI.
Our Google Analytics Experts rates start from £75 - in contrast agencies, whose fees often reflect their operational costs.

Traditional Marketing Agency

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Human Intelligence on Demand

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Digital Marketing & Google Ads Expert with 12 years under her belt. Beata is recognized as one of the best Google Analytics Experts, with a rich background in Google Ads management. Her approach integrates deep analytics with creative digital marketing campaigns, focusing on optimizing search engine optimization and maximizing ROI. Favorite industries: Fashion, Beauty, Tech Startups, Hospitality


Google Analytics Specialist & Data Insight Strategist with over a decade in the field. His expertise in Google Analytics setup and Google Analytics implementation, coupled with a deep understanding of Google Ads (Google Adwords), empowers businesses to refine their marketing campaigns using precise data insights. His commitment to leveraging analytics tools like Google Data Studio ensures that clients have access to accurate data, driving informed decisions across digital marketing efforts. Proven track record in: E-commerce, Retail, Education, Finance


Certified Google Analytics & AdWords Specialist, known for his strategic use of data insights to enhance digital marketing and search engine optimization efforts. With a proven track record over 10 years, Sam excels in setting up and fine-tuning Google Analytics to monitor key performance indicators, ensuring that every digital marketing campaign delivers optimal results. Favorite industries: Healthcare, Real Estate, Entertainment, Travel

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