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Meet our awesome team and tell more about your prior projects and experience.

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We monitor each application and invite the very best talents  into our network. But once you are here, get ready for exciting new work opportunities.

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Graphic Designer

Meet our awesome team and tell more about your prior projects and experience. Jakby były trzy linijki tekstu to doskonały fun.

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HI Expert - Art Director

Working with the HI team has been a true pleasure. Their professionalism and excellent communication made the collaboration seamless.

The support and clarity they provided ensured that we met all project goals efficiently. I look forward to more projects together.

Hi Expert - Video Production

Crafting the visual story for Chrupaczki was an inspiring journey.

With the vibrant essence of the product and the energy of Gen Z in mind, we synthesized tradition with modern flair. Proud to see our creation resonate!

Julia T.
HI Expert - UX/UI Design

For the last couple of months, I have been supporting the Orange team with my design expertise. User tests analysis, user research and organizing workshops are the key aspects that helped me create and test solutions for existing problems.

This is the second project on which I collaborate with HI and the whole process is transparent, cohesive and based on trust.

Project Manager

I'm really excited to be part of such an innovative project, and I truly believe in Calimala's success. Working with them on different tasks has been super beneficial for me as a startuper and startup enthusiast.

I hope they've enjoyed working with us as much as I have, and I'm eager to continue collaborating with them beyond this milestone.

HI Expert - Low Code / Automation / Webflow

Once again, we've successfully completed a project with the HI team.

The collaboration with the client and project manager was seamless, leading to results that have left us all truly satisfied. It's been a rewarding experience to contribute to the transformation of our client's identity and web presence!

HI Expert - Motion Design

Cooperation on the project for the Saxdor Yachts brand from the very beginning was a pleasure. I’m very satisfied with the final result and the course of cooperation with the client and project manager.

In the animation itself we focused mainly on the emotions experienced when using the boat. Emphasizing the details in combination with dynamic music gave the whole thing a unique character and lightness. We’re sure that the campaign supported by our production will bring a lot of benefits to the brand.

HI Expert - Brand Desiger

I totally enjoyed this project! Every step felt engaging and creatively fulfilling.

Actually, if I could choose, I would like to work with such clients only. :) Hope Revenieers also like the final outcome and this wasn't our last time! Fingers crossed for their success.

HI Expert - Motion Design

Projects on which I work with the Human Intelligence Team always have two things in common.

First of all, the workflow is always perfectly arranged - all parties know exactly what to do and what results they expect. Secondly - a great atmosphere and a friendly approach. I am glad that I could help PFR in creating video materials and I hope that we will have the opportunity to do something together again.

HI Expert - Digital Marketing

Cooperation in the HI model is professionalism of the highest level. High project efficiency was undoubtedly a result of the project manager's effective communication and dedication.

On the practical side, the project started with diagnosing the problems of the marketing activities carried out so far. We identified the goals that are most important to the client. Based on this, I analyzed the industry and juxtaposed the goals. Then I came up with solutions for more effective use of digital activities. Just at the first meeting my client gained expertise that translated into successful marketing efforts.

HI Expert - Art Director

Working with HI and Young Living Oils was an immensely enjoyable experience.

The team was exceptional — their clear and consistent communication greatly facilitated the creative process. I truly appreciated their commitment to aesthetic excellence, which resonated well with my design approach. I look forward to the possibility of partnering with them again in the future.

HI Expert - The Eternals / Low Code / Automation / Webflow

I had the pleasure of working with both Hitteps and HI od Demand on a new Hitteps website, and it was truly a delightful experience.

As low-code / no-code experts, my team was responsible for creating wireframes and building the site using Webflow. Hitteps and HI od Demand’s expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the entire process. The success of the project was not only due to the customer success model, but also to the collaboration and dedication of everyone involved.I highly recommend HI od Demand - they made the entire process smooth and enjoyable, and I would be happy to work with them again in the future.

HI Expert - Art Director

I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing team on identity. Developing a brand that combines professionalism with a lifestyle message was a unique challenge that I was eager to tackle.

I also value the great atmosphere and Natalia’s engagement and empathy. Working with such a passionate and visionary team was beyond my expectations and I'm proud of the exceptional results we achieved together.

HI Expert

Collaborating with OneMeter, my role was more about training in digital marketing, particularly Google Ads, than daily operations.

I focused on teaching campaign creation, strategic planning, and adhering to best practices. Key elements included explaining actions and adapting to the digital marketing landscape. I believe, this strategy significantly improved client's skills and elevated the quality of their future campaigns management.

HI Expert - Performance Media

It is an absolute pleasure working with Saxdor on their social media advertising campaign.

As a Performance Media Manager, I’m tasked with increasing brand awareness and engagement across multiple countries for Saxdor Yachts. Thanks to our data-driven optimization and a deep understanding of Saxdor's target audience, we are able to exceed all of our goals and deliver exceptional results. I’m happy to be a part of the Human Intelligence Team and I look forward to working together again on the next challenge.

HI Expert - Motion Design

Cooperating with the GDPR Risk Tracker Team was a pleasure from start to finish. The client was open to our ideas and suggestions, which made the video production process smooth and efficient.

Our team was also impressed with the client's knowledge and understanding of their product, which made it easier for us to create a compelling storyline that highlighted the product's benefits and values. Hope you like the effect as much as I do! :-)

Magda Z.
HI Expert - Graphic Design

Working with the HI Team and especially Natalia was beyond my expectations.

She bridges the gap between the client and designer relationship and clearly identifies both the client's requirements and the contractor's skills. Our collaboration is a synonym of partnership, and most importantly, a pleasant and welcoming environment. I'm glad to join Doctor.One Team and excited for our journey together.

HI Expert - Art Director

Collaborating with the team was a fantastic experience. The team's friendly and engaging approach made the process thoroughly enjoyable.

The journey to craft a new identity was extensive, yet the final result surpassed my expectations. I'm truly proud of how we combined technological and modern approaches. I'm eagerly looking forward to future projects with this client.

HI Expert - UX/UI Design & Webflow Development

We have successfully completed another project with the HI team, and as always, the collaboration was exceptional.

Exemplary teamwork between our group and the client ensured the smooth implementation of all objectives. I am proud of what we have achieved together.

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