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Data Analyst services include: 

Data Strategy Development

Crafting comprehensive data strategies, statistical analysis, and interpretation, ensuring alignment with business objectives.

Advanced Data Analysis

Utilizing cutting-edge analytical techniques to extract meaningful insights, identifying patterns and trends that drive strategic decisions.

Data Visualization

Creating intuitive and informative visual representations of complex data, making it accessible and understandable for all stakeholders.

Predictive Analytics

Employing predictive models and statistical analysis to forecast trends, enabling proactive decision-making and strategy optimization.

Data Management

Ensuring the integrity and accuracy of data, implementing robust data governance practices for efficient data handling and security.

Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

Leveraging Business Intelligence tools to provide real-time insights, enhancing operational efficiency and business agility.

Customized Reporting

Tailoring reports and dashboards to meet specific business needs, providing clear and concise summaries and data visualization.

SEO and Web Analytics

Utilizing SEO data and web analytics to improve online presence, customer engagement, and digital marketing effectiveness (Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console and more).

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How much does it cost to hire a Top Data Analyst?

Hiring a Data Analyst involves considering various factors to determine the cost effectively. It's not just the cost itself, but also the expense of finding and using your own resources to secure the most suitable professional for your project.

Full Time Hiring

Up to
per year + recruitment costs

Flexible Hiring with HI

per hour / senior expert

When you independently seek out a Data Analyst, it often leads to a time-consuming and costly recruitment process. You'll need to advertise the position, sift through applications, search your own network, conduct interviews, and verify qualifications, all of which can be resource-intensive. Additionally, there's a risk of skill mismatches and project requirement discrepancies, as thoroughly vetting candidates' technical expertise is challenging without a structured evaluation process. Typically, this process takes 3-5 months and can cost thousands of pounds

In contrast, HI offers a more efficient and transparent model. We provide access to top Data Analysts, ensuring high-quality and specialized expertise tailored to your needs. Our billing is based on a clear hourly rate, using a time-and-materials model. Our average hourly rate is £80. We ensure that every hour billed corresponds to an hour spent working towards your project's success. No more overpaying in flat fees, no more spending months using your own resources to find the right person.

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Data Analyst with over 7 years of experience, specializing in business intelligence, data modeling and big data. Mark excels in transforming complex datasets into actionable insights, significantly enhancing decision-making processes. Proficient in Microsoft Power BI, SQL, DAX.


Wiktor is a Data Analyst with over ten years of experience. Renowned for his exceptional communication skills, Wiktor thrives in collaborative settings, passionately working with teams to develop and implement innovative data science solutions. His expertise is not limited to statistical analysis and business intelligence; he is also proficient in a range of data science platforms including SQL, MATLAB, and SAS.


As a Data Analyst, Michael focuses on e-commerce and retail analytics. With a keen eye for consumer behavior patterns, he leverages advanced statistical analysis to drive sales strategies. His expertise in tools like Tableau and Google Analytics has enabled many businesses to make good, data-driven decisions.

... and many others!

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