Manage marketing more effectively

Stop wasting your precious time on non-transparent work with middle-class specialists. Start your project with a partner you can trust.

HI - the right choice

It makes a huge difference who you choose to collaborate with on your marketing strategy.

In today's disrupted digital marketing industry it is difficult to predict if the results presented in the beautiful offer will be delivered. Making the choice between hiring an in-house specialist or an agency could be a nightmare. That’s why we are here. We want to help you make the right choice. Choice that is all about trust, transparency and efficiency. Because this is the only way the marketing cooperation should look like.

Top 1% best experts
Get access to our global network of over 1000+ marketing specialists
Total control
Decide on scope and time of the project. Have full control where your money is going
Start project ASAP
Never ever worry about your deadline. Get matched with Talent that meets your exact needs in less than 48 hours

Get things done fast and effectively

Digital Agency
In-house hiring
Easy access to the global network of experts with over 5 years of experience and proven track record
Most often working with juniors.
Hardly impossible to keep 100% performance all the time
Limited access to best talents, who are no longer interested in working for one company.
Pay only for the work that is done.
No hidden cost. No overcharging.
Operational costs hidden in clients’ fees. Lost sales pitches, office, employees salaries - this is all you pay for.
Extremely high top experts salaries.
Finding, hiring, and onboarding can be even 20x of employee’s monthly
Start and finish your project whenever you want - with no long-term contracts and no termination costs.
Yearly contracts with termination costs.
Long term contracts.
Hard to change the track.
Time and efficiency
Start your project in less than 48 hours.
Experts work exclusively on your project.
Long and tedious pitching process.
Agencies run several projects at once.
Time consuming hiring process.
No space to come up with new fresh ideas.

Maximize your results with HI

Stop wasting your precious time on non-transparent work with middle-class specialists. Start your project with a partner you can trust.

Work with an expert who joins your team and works as if he were part of your internal marketing department

Select experts for a specific phase of the project, without going through the recruitment process and all the problems associated with full-time employment

Be sure that the selected expert has all the skills needed to complete the tasks in tip top

Pay only for the work done, with no long contracts or notice periods.

When the project ends, easily move on to the next stage and involve other specialists you require

When should you go for the HI on Demand model?

When you're looking for flexibility

You determine the scope, length and terms of our cooperation. At any time you can end cooperation with a chosen expert with no termination costs. Each time we bill only for what has been performed and you are free to choose another talent for the next stage of the project.

When you're looking for efficiency

Using this model you will significantly reduce recruitment and employee retention costs. You also don’t need to invest in equipment - when it’s needed we will provide everything the project requires.

When you don't want to hire full-time employees (yet)

Very often the decision to hire a new employee drags on. If you urgently need support, HI on Demand will allow you to start working with experts without formally hiring them. Moreover, highly qualified experts (e.g., strategists) are generally needed only when key solutions are developed and the most important decisions are made in the organization. Hiring such a person on a permanent basis often means wasting the budget and their potential.

When you're looking for a new perspective on a problem

Collaborating with external experts brings with it a new perspective on problem solving, new working methods, new knowledge and a departure from the usual way of thinking. This gives full-time employees the opportunity to look at an ongoing project or challenge from a different, new angle, and thus learn lessons for the future.



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