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Our Graphic Design services include:

Brand Identity Design

Crafting unique logos, color schemes, font selection, layout design and brand guidelines that reflect your company's ethos.

Website and Digital Graphic Design

Developing visually appealing website layouts, interactive elements, and digital assets optimized for user experience.

Print Media Design

Creating brochures, business cards, posters, visual materials, and more to effectively communicate your brand's message offline.

Packaging Design

Designing attractive and functional packaging that stands out on shelves.

Social Media Graphic Design

Engaging ads, social media graphics, gifs, reels, and vertical videos that capture attention and drive conversions.

Illustration and Custom Graphics

Bespoke illustrations and infographics to give your brand a unique and personalized touch.

Key Visuals

Creating memorable key visuals and unique graphic design that anchor your brand's visual messaging across various platforms.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Dynamic motion graphics, video editing, explainers and 2d and 3d animations, driving traffic and leads.

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How much does it cost to hire a Graphic Designer?

Hiring a Graphic Design Freelancer through Human Intelligence on Demand is the smartest and cost-effective way to connect with top-tier design talents. Let's look at the cost dynamics:

Traditional Marketing Agency

Inflated fees
Up to
per hour

Human Intelligence on Demand

Flexible hourly billing
per hour / senior expert

An average Graphic Design Agency operates on a monthly retainer model. They tend to set higher retainer fees to cover unforeseen extra work, increasing your project budget without a guarantee of equivalent added value. These agencies, handling numerous clients simultaneously, might not always prioritize the unique needs of your brand, and most often assign your tasks to junior designers.

With HI on Demand, you receive a dedicated Graphic Designer who functions as an integral part of your team. Our flexible pay-per-hour model ensures cost-effectiveness, allowing you to pay only for the actual hours worked. The average hourly rate for a Senior Graphic Designer through HI on Demand is £45-£70, providing an ideal blend of quality and affordability.

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Graphic Designer boasting a decade of experience, proficient in both digital and print mediums, with a specialization in enhancing B2C brands. Our clients are consistently impressed by her unique blend of aesthetic flair and a keen sense of humor, which she brings to every project.


Branding Designer renowned for her expertise in creating unique design concepts and modern logo design. Her ability to fuse market trends with a company's core values has revitalized many brands around the EU.
Love creating graphic design projects for startups, e-commerce, tech, and beauty industries.


Senior Graphic Designer - specialized in website, UI/UX, and web graphics for tech startups, combining aesthetic appeal with user-friendly designs. His extensive knowledge, creative process, and strong communication skills make him an adept in creating compelling, intuitive digital experiences.

... and many others!

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