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Looking to double your B2B leads on LinkedIn, boost your Instagram followers’ engagement by at least 50%, achieve higher conversion rates, and grow your TikTok audience to 50K in just 3 months? You've come to the right place.

Social Media with Human Intelligence on Demand offers a unique blend of expertise, strategy, and creativity to skyrocket your online presence.

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Social Media Manager’s services include:

Social Media Strategy Development

Unique and effective social media marketing plan, strategies and tactics to boost sales and engagement.

Social Media Management

Expert handling of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, and Discord servers, including writing social media posts, running ads, and 24/7 moderation.

Innovative Content Creation

Eye-catching design, engaging reels, vertical videos, and compelling social media copywriting, crafted with the expertise of professional graphic designers and content creators.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Driving traffic, engagement and sales utilizing tools like: Meta Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads & Pinterest Ads.

Community Building

Fostering a strong and engaged community around your brand on social media platforms like Facebook Groups, Instagram and Discord servers..

Crisis Management

Quick reaction to any unforeseen issues or negative publicity to maintain a positive brand image.

Influencer Marketing

Leveraging influencer partnerships for expanded reach and impact on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Analytics and Performance Reporting

Monitoring and analyzing social media metrics to track performance and refine strategies for optimal results.

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How much does it cost to hire a Social Media Marketing Expert?

Hiring a Social Media Freelancer through Human Intelligence (HI) on Demand is an efficient and cost-effective strategy to enhance your brand's presence across multiple social media platforms. The cost of hiring a Social Media Marketer may vary, be here are some key facts:

Traditional Marketing Agency

Inflated monthly retainers
Starting from

Human Intelligence on Demand

Flexible hourly billing
per hour / senior expert

A standard Social Media Marketing Agency typically uses a monthly retainer model, setting higher fees to cover potential extra work. It can raise your project's budget without guaranteed added value. While handling multiple clients, these agencies might not fully prioritize your unique needs, often delegating your tasks to junior staff, potentially impacting the quality of work.

With HI on Demand, you will work with Top Social Media Marketers and get your Personal Manager who operates as if they're part of your in-house team. Our transparent pay-per-hour model guarantees cost efficiency, where you only pay for the time spent working. Our average hourly rate for a Social Media Manager starts at £45, striking the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Remember that with HI, you only work with Senior Professionals!

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A Social Media Expert specializing in TikTok. She possesses unique content creation and trend-hunting skills, which led to a staggering 300% growth in TikTok followers within 4 months and skyrocketed views to over 10 million for our latest project.


Social Media Marketer who specializes in crafting data-driven LinkedIn strategies for B2B companies. By implementing targeted content campaigns and leveraging network analytics, he achieved a 220% increase in lead generation for our latest client!


A Social Media Expert specializing in TikTok, she possesses unique content creation and trend-hunting skills, which led to a staggering 300% growth in TikTok followers within four months and skyrocketed views to over 10 million.

... and many others!

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